iPhone tricks

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iPhone tricks

Estate Agents have you recently upgraded your iPhone to the new iSO 4.0 software or the brand new iPhone 4 will have probably heard that there is a new ‘multitasking’ feature.

Unfortunately for those of us who fail to read the instruction manual (which means all of us!) this feature is very likely to allude even the brightest of tech savvy Estate Agents.

Resource Techniques has then decided to give Estate Agents a little helping hand with the top 5 tips and tricks on how to use this space-age device.

Scare other iPhone users

Estate Agents are able to scare their friends by inverting the colours. People are automatically convinced that their screen is broken. Luckily the option to change it is deep within the settings and the label ‘White on Black’ isn’t exactly self-explanatory.

To change this option go to ‘Settings’ then ‘General’ and then ‘Accessibility’, Estate Agents will then find the ‘White on Black’ tab here.

Homepage shortcuts

Instead of creating a bookmark to sit within the safari browser, Estate Agents are able to create a homepage link that looks the same as an app.

The app will either show a predefined logo image embedded within the website or it will show a screenshot of the website.

To do this Estate Agents must go to their chosen website and press the plus button at the bottom of the safari browser. They then must press ‘Add to Home Screen’ where there will be a preview of the button and a change to choose the name.

Mass message deletion

The iPhone 32GB has more than enough memory to cater for even the most energetic of social butterflies.

Alas there will come a time that Estate Agents will want to permanently delete an email or text message…

To do this all Estate Agents have to do is drag or swipe their finger across their inbox and a delightful red ‘delete’ button will appear.

Press this and your message will fall into oblivion.


Multitasking is possible the most reticent of all the iPhone features but it could possibly be the easiest to use.

All Estate Agents have to do is double tap the only physical button at the bottom of the phone. Doing so will create a bar at the bottom of the screen with four of the last used apps at the bottom of the screen.

By swiping a single finger across this bar Estate Agents can scroll through even more of the last apps that they have used.

By holding down a finger on one of the apps Estate Agents cause the apps to shake and show a red delete button. By pressing this red button will remove the app from that multitasking bar.

To stop the apps from shaking all Estate Agents need to do is press the only physical button at the bottom of the iPhone.


With the new software, Estate Agents can arrange any apps into folders so that their homepage is more organised.

To create folders Estate Agents should hold down their finger on an app till they start shaking again. They can then drag any of the apps onto another app. By letting go, the phone will create a new black box with the two apps inside.

This folder can then be renamed to suit the category that suits the apps involved