iPhone and iPad Virtual keyboard

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iPhone and iPad Virtual keyboard


Back in 2009 we wrote an article on Estate Agents of the future type without a keyboard. This gadget of the week gave agents an insight into what the future would be like if the standard (and slightly unhygienic) keyboard was replaced with a 2D laser keyboard.

Now ThinkGeek have expanded their mighty creation to include the iPhone and the iPad and with a gadget that’ll fit in your front pocket!

This unique gadget projects a keyboard onto any flat surface meaning that not only will you find that typing is easier and quicker on a full keyboard (whilst also trying to balance the gadget in your hand) but you won’t have to carry round a spare keyboard wherever you go.

Releasing a video, the virtual keyboard is bound to impress any client that comes into the office.

The virtual keyboard for the iPhone and iPad has a battery life of 150 minutes, rechargeable via USB and is available to Estate Agents for $169.99

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