iPad questions from Estate Agents

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iPad questions from Estate Agents


Due to its resounding success for its use in Estate Agency, your property utility belt will either have already, or soon will have an iPad. Remember though, like any tool the iPad is only as good as the operator using it.

During our digital travels, the staff members at Resource Techniques have come across the same questions that keep popping up time and time again.

Therefore to help any Estate Agents thinking about getting an iPad, we have come up with 5 questions that are frequently asked by new iPad owners.

  • Should I get Wi-Fi or 3G enabled iPad?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that they’ll need to get an iPad that has a 3G capability when all you need is to buy one that only comes with Wi-Fi and tether it to your iPhone (If you already have one). Your iPhone will then do all the data work whilst you save yourself £5, £10 or £25 per month.

  • Can you access Estate Agent software?

Yes, but only if your Estate Agency software is on ‘the cloud’. ‘The cloud’ is simply a term for hosting data, services and applications on the internet. Estate Agents would then only need a browser and an internet connection.
This means that our version 6 software for team and independent Estate Agents will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • Can you print?

Yes you can! But Estate Agents will need a printer that has wireless capabilities, although most content is now produced on desktop computers.

  • Can I video call?

Just as long as you have the iPad 2 since it now comes with a front-facing camera as well as downloading a video conferencing app such a fring.

  • Is there any way I can use flash?

Apple is known for its stance against Adobe’s flash, saying that it isn’t reliable, secure whilst zapping every ounce of your battery life out of whatever gadget you’re using – but there’s a way around it.

There is a browser app that was released at the end of last year that lets you use flash called Skyfire. Making a million dollars over the first weekend, Skyfire provides flash for your favourite websites. The bad piece of news is that although they’re adding new websites all the time, they have to manually add each website so the chances of your website being on there… slim to none.

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