iPad leather case (and prospective new Facebook app)

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iPad leather case (and prospective new Facebook app)


Following on from our Facebook pages article this week, unnamed sources have told the New York Times that Facebook is now in the testing stage of their iPad-only designed app. This is great news for Estate Agents who have embraced the iPad revolution, for business purposes, and for social networking.

It is reported that although Facebook’s interface has had a history of being less than compatible with touchscreens, this app is designed to be exactly tailored to the iPad requirements and has incredible video and photo viewing capabilities.

To celebrate this highly anticipated application, we have decided that this week’s gadget of the week is an extremely versatile iPad leather flip case.

Made by a company called more-thing, the Shocking Collection is possibly the best iPad accessory that I’ve ever seen. With a standard white and black, it also comes in shocking neon pink and yellow - that you’d probably only consider if they are your brand colours.

With full body protection and a magnetic clip, the case flips round to stand up in two different positions for widescreen and vertical viewing as well as a shoulder strap.

The bad is that for £35, not including shipping, there are many other alternatives that may not look as cool, but certainly won’t be as expensive.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant