Inspire your customers with YouTube Videos

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Inspire your customers with YouTube Videos


YouTube is not only the world’s biggest video hosting website in the world, but it is also a social network. The YouTube phenomenon has given people a chance to capture the smallest part of their lives to ground breaking footage of world changing events.

Even businesses have embraced YouTube as a medium to project their own self-styled content.

It has had a bit of a mixed reaction from Estate Agents. A few have used YouTube to its full potential and benefitted from its SEO whilst most simply haven’t participated.

To give Estate Agents a little push to participate more in social media, we have created our list of videos that will get you noticed.

  • Local tour

A well-known fact states that the majority of people move within a 5 to 7 mile radius. This doesn’t mean that you should ignore the minority that are looking to move into the area. Therefore who else knows the area better and what else is better to introduce them to the area than their local Estate Agent?

  • Interviews with locals

After the tour of the local area, Estate Agents may want to interview local residents and get their views on the local area – adding authority to an already highly specialised video.

  • Staff interviews

Static web pages can get boring so why not interview your staff? This can add depth and show the human face behind your brand. Not only that but potential vendors will already have an idea in their head of who they are talking to (not just a stranger).

  • Weekly roundup

A weekly roundup gives Estate Agents the chance to show off their new properties, sold properties and any local or business news. This doesn’t have the highest chance of creating regular watchers, but it will certainly impress new visitors.

  • Local participation

In this era of ‘green’ and mainstream environmentalism, people are impressed when businesses take an active part in local events and charity functions. Of course, do not exploit these functions purely for self-advertisement, but do document your activities and transfer these onto the web.

  • Property tips

There is no greater video than the ‘how to’ video. Whether it’s advice on preparing a house for sale, what to look for when buying houses or specific videos on how to deal with damp, people will be immensely grateful for an Estate Agent’s valuable knowledge.

  • Property of the week

Your website front page shows featured properties, so why not create a weekly, or monthly video of your favourite properties. You may be surprised with the results.

Thought of your own videos? Let us know via our Resource Techniques Facebook page.