Increase security on your Facebook

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Increase security on your Facebook


Facebook has been in the news recently for storming into the deals market, but what hasn’t been that well documented will definitely help Estate Agents.

Apart from the standard way of keeping your password to yourself and using numbers and letters with lower and upper case, there is now another way Estate Agents can be more secure whilst using Facebook.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is described as ‘how messages are formatted and transmitted’ and without it your computer wouldn’t be able to access the internet. It was first documented in 1991 and officially used in 1996.

Estate Agents you can recognise it by the ‘http’ at the start of the’ URL’ or also known as a ‘website address’ at the top of this page.

There is also Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or ‘https’ that encrypts information during the data transfer and helps stop people eavesdropping on your information.

The good news is that Facebook now provides this more secure connection – but you have to ask for it.

Simply login to Facebook, click on ‘Account’ and go to ‘Account Settings’ in the top right hand corner. Then click on ‘Account Security’ and more information will drop down. Lastly click the box ‘Secure browsing (https)’.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant