Increase Sales And Leads Through Web Design

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Increase Sales And Leads Through Web Design


There are thousands of estate agency websites around the web, yet very few of them really know the true value of their website or how successful it is... 

It is important you monitor your conversion rate. A conversion rate is a ratio of the number of visitors to your site that have completed some expected action to a total number of visitors. For example, your conversion rate might be how many people have signed up to your newsletter or clicked your property search function.

A high conversion rate is an indicator that your website is easy to use, benefitting your business, valued by your audience/customers and is helping you to grow. If you have a low conversion rate then your website may need some work.

A good conversion rate is an indicator of a well built website. So, how to increase website conversions?

Here are 10 ways in which you can improve your conversion rate:

1. Content

Don’t be fooled into thinking the content on your website should be aimed specifically at the search engines. Your content should be written for the user. It should be easy to read, informative and interesting. Your content should be written to attract visitors.

2. Make your buttons and text links more clickable

Your call-to-actions need to be clear and clickable. Buttons are generally more clickable than text links so for your primary call-to-action always use buttons.

3. Specifically place your buttons for better results

Your call-to-actions should be above the fold of the page (the top half of the screen).

4. Use images on every page

An image attracts attention and helps to break up all the content. Ensure you only use high-quality and high resolution images.

5. Tell people what to do

Don’t give people a chance to think, their next step should be right in front of them. Having a clear layout and structure is vital to the success of your website.

Keep in mind that a user doesn’t always access your website from the homepage, so internal pages also need call-to-actions to keep the user on your site.

6. Be fast

Online we are very impatient and aren’t likely to hang about. If your website doesn’t fully load in 5 seconds then it is too slow. Users won’t sit around and wait, instead they will go to one of your competitors.

7. Include an About Us page

Users like to know about you and your business. They don’t want to work with a faceless company.

8. Reach users expectations

In order to sell you need to satisfy your users, this could be down to the functionality of your site, the content or even if your website is mobile friendly. Don’t disappoint your potential customers. Meet their needs! 

9. Reviews/Testimonials

You should have a page dedicated to customer testimonials and reviews. Your visitors should already know that those who have used your services were satisfied.

10. Be clear and honest

It is important that you are always honest with your customers and potential customers. Everything should be clearly labelled and explained.

Troy Stanley