Impact of Web Design from a Brand Building and SEO Perspective

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Impact of Web Design from a Brand Building and SEO Perspective

When you talk about the impact of Web Design most people just think extravagant images, huge flash displays and overly modern websites but there is so much more behind having great impact from your website.

Design and your brand

The design of your website doesn’t just have an impact on your online brand but your brand as a whole.

Your brand from day one will determine how people see your business. If your website isn’t clear, easy to use and professional, people will see your business in that way.

Impact of Brand Building

1. The Logo

In terms of web design your logo may not be considered to have to be overly prominent, but still plays a big role for your website.

The Logo is a huge part of the recognition factor and will be incorporated into the design of your website. Its colours, font, texture and overall design will play its part in the design as a whole.

2. User Experience

Branding isn’t just about the visual aspect of design but also giving visitors great user experience.

A clear, easy to navigate website is an essential part of the branding experience, as is fast loading pages and clear call to actions.

Encouraging recognition

Relevant, iconic images can say a lot as well as being easy to remember.

If someone is searching for ‘Estate Agents in Brighton’ and clicks a link that leads to a homepage with a clear, prominent image of Brighton Pier it gives the user a recognition factor that helps them see they will probably find what they are looking for here.

Including a well placed logo is yet another way to link the two together for great brand recognition.


The design of your website can help build your online reputation.

A clean and uncluttered website will have a better impact on the visitor over a cluttered, unclear and outdated website.

Credibility is crucial for any online campaign, with all the dodgy websites out there; people generally don’t trust the web.

Design can help with credibility, as well as a website that offers a clear flow of valuable information.

Optimising your website

Being on page one of Google can help with both branding and credibility.

People searching for businesses in your area will see you high up on Google and will automatically see you as an established Estate Agent.

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