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Humour for estate agents -

Estate agents, are you bored at work? This website will tickle your ribs!

Run by Sara Lorimer, an America author who has written 'Boot': Girl Pirates on the High Seas' and 'Pregnancy to-Do's: A Book of lists for Mom-to-Be', has noted on the about us page that: 'I'm just trying to keep myself sane while we decide if we should move, remodel or make do.'

The website posts photos and listings that are disastrous, humorous, or just downright weird. Users can view posted listings, vote on upcoming listings, submit listings or view listings from their own country or U.S state. One listing that Resource Techniques found highly amusing was listed as an 'Open plan' studio apartment in Kilburn...

Humour for estate agents

Notice that the 'studio apartment' was described as 'cute' and 'great for singles'! Estate agent code: Tiny and great for people that don't like entertaining!

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