How to set up Google+ branded pages for Estate Agents

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How to set up Google+ branded pages for Estate Agents

Last week Google+ released brand pages for businesses.

Now Estate Agents are able to create a Google+ page dedicated to their business. This article will allow you to get your foot in the door with Google+ branded pages.

How to set up Google+ branded page?

First you need to create a personal Google+ profile for yourself, you can’t just sign up to a business page (this is the same with Facebook business pages).

Once you have your own personal Google+ profile you are ready to start. Visit create a page on Google+ to begin, and follow the steps below.

Picking a category

Picking a category is the first step in setting up your Google+ page. Google give you the options of the following five main categories:

  1. Local Business or Place
  2. Product or Brand
  3. Company, Institution or Organisation
  4. Art, Entertainment or Sports
  5. Other

Estate Agents would obviously fall under the ‘Local Business or Place’ category as it includes any local business services.

When you chose this category you will be asked for the country in which your business is located and your businesses primary phone number.

If you have a Google Places account, Google will automatically fill in the information once you’ve added your phone number. If not, you can add your business information to Google+ and continue.

Customise your Business Profile

Once you have filled in all your business information, it’s now time to customise your business profile page.

  1. Add your Profile picture - This should just be your business logo.
  2. Tagline – your tagline should be the 10 words that best describe your page.

You will then be asked to spread the word about your new page through your personal Google+ profile.

Click on Finish to be taken to your new page.

Editing your Business page information

To edit your business information, go to your profile by clicking on the profile icon at the top of the page. Then go to the ‘About’ tab and edit profile.

Here you will be able to edit all your business information from descriptions to opening hours.

Things you need to add:

  • A short introduction about your business
  • Opening hours
  • Contact information (phone, email, etc)

Also be sure to add links within your introduction to your website, other social profiles and anywhere else you see relevant.

Adding your Photostrip

This is one way to make your Google+ page stand out from the rest. These five photos will be displayed underneath your page’s name and tagline.

These are some of the cool designs we’ve come across:

This is again similar to the five photos you have on your Facebook page. You can add photos by clicking on ‘edit profile’ and going to where it says “add photos here”. Upload a photo in each of the available spaces.

Here you can either use different photos that represent your business or be more creative and cut one photo into five pieces (like the examples above).

Now your Google+ business page is ready!

You can now start posting to your profile by adding status updates, links, photos and videos.