How to make content marketing benefit your Estate Agent website

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How to make content marketing benefit your Estate Agent website


Creating content is the key part for many Estate Agency website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaigns. Although some people think that writing an article is enough to draw in the traffic, most know that isn’t the case -there are certain types of content marketing needed to be in place to get the user’s clicking through.

So how do you make your content benefit your Estate Agent website in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)?

Content Optimisation

First you obviously have to create a great piece of content that your users will want to read and want to link to. For example this could be through videos or articles.

Once this has been completed, you will need to start thinking like an SEO. Here’s what you have to do:

Create a SEO friendly title

The title of the page is very important and carries a lot of weight in terms of SEO.

  • It is the first thing visitors will see and the most be the decider between reading the content or not.
  • The title will be the first thing that is seen when the content is shared through Twitter, Facebook and all the other social networks.

The title should include keywords and be around 60 characters long. The title will need to be something catchy and interesting so users will want to click on it.

Informative Meta Description

Meta descriptions don’t help with rankings, but they do help with click through rates.

Your Meta description should be an extended version of your content title and should be around 160 characters long. Try to describe what the page is about, making it sound as interesting as possible. 

Image Tags

Image tags are usually forgotten about but are very important for image search. If the page includes a picture, be sure to name the file with keywords or possibly the title of the content.

Promoting your content

Now its time is time to be the marketer.

Similar to this week’s article on ‘5 economical ways to promote your website’, promoting your content is vital for gaining links, retweets and likes that the search engines love. The more exposure Estate Agents get the better.

Where to promote your content:

  • Social Networks – promote through the main networks (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube). This should be done every time you write an article. You need to build up a good following so more people will see the content. Start interacting with people in your industry and people in you community.
  • Email Marketing – with your mailing list, share your content by sending it out to your subscribers. It’s a great way to drive traffic and inform clients instead of just sending them sales emails.

With good optimisation and wide spread promotion of your new content, you will start seeing more traffic, higher rankings (especially through longtail keywords) and will help you build your website and brand name.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant