How to Google it!

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How to Google it!

At one time or another you may have not been able to find a certain page or piece of content on a website. You may want to find a specific statistic or quote you had read in an article a few months back but are now struggling to find it.

Instead of being old fashioned and just scanning through hundreds of blog posts in their blog archive there is now an easy solution to finding this information.

The shortcut:

Open up Google and in the search bar type -

site: followed by the website you want to search minus the www


This command ‘site:’ will only search the pages of that website.

Next you have several options to help you find the content you are looking for -

• The word or phrase:

This searches for every word in the phrase singularly.


For this search each word would be searched for on the Resource Techniques website.

• The Tilde: ~

This command will search related words. You may have forgotten what the exact article was about but you know it was related to ‘Search Engines’. This command will pick up the articles with references to search engines such as Google and Bing, making it easier to locate the specific article.


• Quotation marks: “ “

This command searches for the exact phrase, not each single word. If you have remembered the title of said article, put that within the quotation marks and only results containing that exact phrase or word will be found.


• The Minus: -

This will exclude the term from the search. If you are searching for “social networks” but don’t want to pages that include Facebook, add this command.


• The Date: 2009..2011

This command only shows the results from within the designated time range.

Hopefully this will help you find what you are looking for in the future. Why not try it out on your own website.