How to dress like a website designer

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How to dress like a website designer


Estate Agents may not want to dress like a web designer exactly, but there certainly is a stereotype that somehow fits somewhere in their lives.

We have even written before on the 8 signs that you’re becoming a web design geek, here at Resource Techniques we have compiled a stereotypical profile of a web designer working in the UK.

We might as well get the hard part out of the way first. Firstly web designers are data hungry so it will almost certainly be a smart phone – even if they’re germ infested. There will certainly be discussion within the office on which smart phone to get.

We predict that the majority will now have iPhones although the ones left on android/windows will hold themselves with slight superiority.

Facial hair
The old stereotype of a smelly, unshaven and shaking from an overdose of Redbull is dead. Today’s web designers are clean-cut and aware of personal hygiene. Although a small group will sport the tidy, but unshaven look to seem more edgy/cool.

There’s no denying that spending hours in front of a computer screen will affect your eyes. Today’s web designers will go for thick designer rims, possibly to show off their ‘quirky’ nature.

Many would think that many web designers will opt for a laptop case to move around their MacBook Air, but this is not the case. Instead many still go for the whole satchel look to show that they’re still ‘down with the kids’ – yeah right.

This certainly varies from person to person. Many go for the hoodie for maximum comfort (I suppose they don’t need to look smart for clients!), others go for the naff jumper whilst the last bunch get a ‘cool’ t-shirt with a CSS joke on them (such as <td>css sucks</td>).

What is the point of a watch when you have an iPhone? If they have to have a watch, it will be a retro Casio watch.

Brand new ‘Retro’ shoes that have been warn so much that they look the part. Failing this, the modern web designer will opt for chequered vans.