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How to be found

With Search Engine Optimisation being such a competitive market, it is best for Estate Agents to try and get as much coverage over the internet as possible. Getting your brand out across the internet can seem like a tricky task but it is in fact starting to get a lot easier and cheaper to do.

There are many ways to get your company name out on the web, you can use video marketing with being able to post your videos onto websites like YouTube, Social Networking which helps your website get seen and followed using FaceBook and Twitter and Local Business Results on Google which shows all the business's in your local area on the Google Maps.

We are going to focus on Google's Local Business Results today as it is a great tool for many reasons. It can enable you the chance to show up high on Google, allows potential customers to actually see where your offices are and also will draw traffic onto your website.

The key aim with everything for SEO for Estate Agents is generally to get to the top of the list and it is no different with Google's local business results.

Estate Agents are starting to pay more attention to this now as it has been known to generate more traffic then from the organic search results.

So here are some tips on how to start working your way to the top.

Keep in mind that at your request we at Resource Techniques will submit your website for Google's Local Business results.

But here is what you can do to improve your rankings...

Optimize your website for your local area

This is pretty much SEO 101, adding keywords throughout your website is crucial. Don't go overboard on this but casually drop in a keyword here and there. Only use the areas you cover as an estate agents, don't go for big cities like London as you have very little chance of getting good results for those kind of keywords due to your competitors having more established websites and are seen as having a higher authority because of that. Instead go for more specific areas as you are more likely to get a decent result from them and they draw in just as much traffic.

Also it is important to have your address clearly listed on your website.

Encourage Reviews

With Google Maps listings you have a chance to give the business a review. Google loves to see good reviews here and will reward you for it. In general if you look at the top of Google Maps results you will see that the top business's will have a lot of reviews showing us that it does help with rankings.

So encourage customers to post a review for you.

Use your video optimisation

Upload your location video to YouTube and link it back to your Google Places account, this will draw both traffic and SEO juice to your website. Here is an example of this that Bonetts have done for their location area.

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