How Social Media can benefit you

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Every business has heard of the great things Social Media can do and that every business should have a Facebook business page and Twitter business page, etc but how can social media really benefit your business?

Just signing up and doing one post every other week won’t do anything for your business and would actually be a waste of time as you won’t get any benefits from it.

Social Media can be used for many things that will benefit your business, here are a few ways that social networks can increase your sales and better your business:

To make a name for your business

Pushing your brand is crucial for you to be seen on the web and using Facebook and Twitter is brilliant for this but is it really enough?

Pushing your brand and business too much can just become annoying and a bit spammy. To keep your audience engage you have to give them something in return. For an Estate Agent this is easy, become the expert of your local area. Blog about what’s going on in your area, events, news, whatever you think people will be interested in.

This will draw people to your facebook page which in turn sends them to your website. For a great example of this visit

To engage with potential customers

Engaging with users can lead to sells and referrals. Get involved in the conversation, if you know the answer or you have some advice give it to them.

The more people you are following the easier it will be to get involved. And the more you get involved the more followers you will get.

To improve your rankings within Search Engines

Search engines have started measuring how many people are ‘liking’ and ‘tweeting’ certain pages. They use this information as what users find reliable and useful and rank the pages highly for this.

Encouraging link building through sharing content

Sharing articles through Social Medias will not only draw in lots of traffic but will make the articles be seen by a wider audience. If the articles you are writing are good enough, other websites may even link to articles boosting your websites search engine rankings even more.

Not only has sharing content got the potential to secure links but will also drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Below is Resource Techniques twitter page, an example of how many articles we have shared over the last few days:

Promoting your website – drawing in traffic

Using social networks to draw in traffic to your website can be done in many ways (all the above). Self promotion or posting your properties is what most estate agents use social networks for.

But keep this in mind its ok to self promote every once in a while but too much will just annoy your followers leading to them unfollowing you. The golden rule in self promoting is only do it 10% of the time and inform, engage and entertain the remaining 90% of the time.

Here’s an example of how much traffic we drew in from one article on Twitter.

To hunt down potential customers

Hunting down potential customers or ‘fishing’ has became quite a popular tool for Estate Agents to track down people who might be looking to buy or sell a property. With this information you can then engage them and try and help them with this process.

For example you can search for “House hunting London” and see whose posted comments in the last couple of days regarding those keywords. Below I’ve been able to find someone house hunting, if I were an estate agent in London I could then engage with this person and try and provide help or give suggestion of houses I have on the market.

Social media can be very beneficial to your business when used correctly. It may take time but if you stick at it the rewards can be massive.

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