How people search

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How people search


Search is something many website owners don’t really think too much about. They know they need to perform within search engines to drive traffic to their website, but don’t take the necessary research of the keywords to ensure they generate good traffic that will generate leads and sells.   

What Estate Agents aim for?

General Website owners (not just websites for Estate Agents) don’t really think too much into search. Many will just go onto Keyword tool and simply pick the keywords that drive huge amounts of traffic.

So why is this bad for SEO for Estate Agents?

Keywords that draw in a lot of traffic may not be the best for your website. For example the keyword ‘Estate Agents’ is searched for around 110,000 a month, now that may sound good to you but people looking to buy generally search for an estate agents in a specific area and if someone is looking for a property in a specific area which most people will be, they certainly won’t search for ‘Estate Agents’.

Traffic from generic keywords like ‘Estate Agents’ normally have a very low conversion rate, though being more specific with what you are selling will lead to higher conversion rates.

You also have to keep in mind that the competition would be very high for such a generic keyword, ranking well for those terms would be near enough impossible.

Choosing the right keywords:

Getting the right keyword can be challenging but putting yourself into the position of your customers is essential to understand exactly what they will be searching for. Here are the best ways to drive traffic that will lead to conversion.

Localise – ‘Estate Agents in Camden’

Don’t go for a generic area, going for ‘Estate Agents in London’ is just a waste of time as the competition is just too steep. People buying don’t generally search for huge areas. Most people in the back of their minds have decided on the area they want to live in and will just search for that specific area.   

Topical – Gaining traffic through writing a blog

Draw people onto your website by writing articles that are topical at the time. This could be anything from house prices rising in your area to events happening in your area.

People will be drawn into your website from these articles and with the correct design to your website could generate leads.

Using these techniques will guarantee relevant traffic being drawn to your website. Try to keep on top of what’s going on and what’s popular in and around your area.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant