How much do you make Facebook?

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How much do you make Facebook?

Have you ever wondered how much Facebook earns from each Facebook user? With Facebook now having over 900 million active users (which is 1/8th of the world’s population), it’s clear to see that Facebook is the dominant social network but how much do they really make?

Obviously with 900 million users Facebook makes heaps of money from advertising and users buying virtual goods in games such as Farmville but in reality does Facebook really make that much from you personally?

With the numbers released in the documents given in the IPO earlier this year, our findings show we don’t actually pay Facebook that much on average. The average Facebook user will spend only 75p a quarter.

But is this really that surprising? In my personal experience I don’t think I’ve made Facebook any money whatsoever. I don’t click on the advertisement (unless it’s by accident) and I don’t pay to play Facebook games, which I think the majority would agree with.

This being said, Facebook is purely aiming for volume and considering only a year ago they had 680 million active users, the 1 billion user milestone should be just around the corner, which will give them a big boost for their targeted ad campaign.

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