How important is it to be number 1?

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How important is it to be number 1?

Being number one on Google is what every Estate Agent is aiming for. To be at the top of Google for keywords related to your business means that Google believes your website to be the most useful and relevant for that specific keyword. This won’t just help with bringing traffic to your website but will help your brand to be seen as more as an authority in the industry.

High ranking will be a crucial part to your online success. Although this is easier said then done. Ranking for the obvious keyword can be very difficult as every single website in your industry will be competing for the pole position.

Ranking well doesn’t necessarily mean it will benefit your business. If it’s not bringing in the sales it’s pointless. You could be number one on Google but if the keyword isn’t what your target audience will search for getting relevant traffic that will turn into sales will be very difficult.

With good research and an intense SEO campaign you can increase your traffic levels by ranking well in Google. Although what’s the difference between being position 10 and position 1? Does it make that much of a difference?

Here’s a table to show you how much more traffic you will get:




Position 1


3.5 times less than position 1


4.9 times less than position 1


6.9 times less than position 1


8.5 times less than position 1


10.4 times less than position 1


12.3 times less than position 1


14 times less than position 1


14.8 times less than position 1


14.1 times less than position 1

With 42.1% of people clicking on position one. It is clear that it will produce you with a lot more traffic.

Interestingly position 7-10 doesn’t really have much difference in terms of traffic but considering if you moved from position six to position one you could expect on average 10% more traffic is quite substantial.

Ranking anywhere on page one is an achievement in itself though, as you are around 90% more likely to get traffic on page one then on any other pages.

You should remember Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just a one off thing. It requires constant work through producing relevant, original content and interacting through social media.

So where do you rank for your keywords? Are you doing everything you can to improve your rankings? Are you optimising for the correct keywords? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself now.

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