How Facebook Fan page admins can post as themselves

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How Facebook Fan page admins can post as themselves


This week I came across a slight problem with the Resource Techniques Facebook fan page.

As a daily contributor to the Resource Techniques website, the articles are shared via our many social networks such as Facebook. Any post I make is made as Resource Techniques and not as James Coyne.

On a side note: Encouraging the staff of your Estate Agency to comment gives the impression that there is more activity on your Estate Agent Facebook page - prompting some users to post themselves. When the hill is only so big as the amount of Facebook fans, the snowball can only roll so far.

Recently there was a particular article that was relevant to me – Christmas Gadgets for big boys that I wished to comment on but being an admin, there was no way of commenting as James Coyne without it showing as Resource Techniques.

After research and a little help from twitter, there are three ways to remedy this:

Remove yourself as an admin

The option we opted for - removing yourself as an admin obviously means that you post as a fan from your own account, achieving the objective but coming across the problem of becoming an admin again.

To overcome this I simply added another member of our staff, Luke Stanley also as an admin and then got him to re-add me once I had posted. This is fine but creates extra work and communication for another member of staff, something which they could do without (You also have to trust the employee that you are adding).

Dummy account

This duplicates the same process as the one above but uses a dummy account (fake Facebook account with another email address) in which a fake email address is set up putting the sole responsibility in one person’s court.

The main problem with this is that it breaches Facebook’s terms and conditions. If found out, both accounts could be banned – not what anyone wants.

Posting from one’s own status

This is where an Estate Agent would go to their own profile and type in the text and link as if it was a normal status and then add an ‘@’ and the name of their Facebook page. This will tag the Estate Agent Facebook page within the post.

Sharing permissions right, the post will show up on the Estate Agent’s Fan page. The main problem with this is that the post will not be from the fan page, but the individual and will be placed as a status on the individual’s homepage.

Not everyone wants their friends to see the posts they make to their fan page (or bore them), you could become very unpopular very quickly!

For those Estate Agents that didn’t know the ‘@’ sign can also be used to tag one of their friends in a status, which in the same way, will not only show up on their profile but the friend that was also tagged.

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