How Estate Agents can succeed with E-marketing

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How Estate Agents can succeed with E-marketing

E-mail is an unrated yet powerful marketing tool at an Estate Agent's disposal. They give Estate Agents the ability to instantly send a message directly to property searchers that are interested in local properties. These content rich e-mails can then be read at the recipient's leisure.

The E-marketing team at Resource Techniques have decided to create a list of top 5 practices when trying to succeed in the e-mail realm of e-marketing.

  • Email Subject - Keep this clear and simple to increase the amount of people that open the email and try to avoid subject lines that could be identified as spam. E.G. 'Free' or '£££'s'.
  • Simplicity - Do not stuff and overcomplicate your newsletter. Again keep it simple and have a clear 'call to action' so that they click through to your Estate Agent website
  • Properties - Include featured properties or 'property of the week' to spark curiosity to see what other properties there are in the Estate Agent portfolio.
  • Subtly sell - Due to countless numbers of spam emails and websites, people automatically switch off. Try to provide information of value to the reader so that they click through to your Estate Agent website.
  • Proof read - Get someone who has a master of the English language to proof read any newsletter that is sent out. Remember that you are a business and mistakes can hurt.

, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'My additional advice would be to send newsletters out on the Tuesday or Wednesday. Studies show that this is when people are more likely to read e-mails that are not for work purposes.