How Estate Agents can dominate SEO

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How Estate Agents can dominate SEO

Resource Techniques tips on dominating SEOWith many Estate Agents thinking Social Networking and video optimising is pointless and a waste time, trying to convince them of the real benefits from doing it can be tricky. Though what they have to understand is that if managed correctly it can have huge benefits within SEO.

But if you are one of those Estate Agents that are obsessed with the visibility of your website - social networking is for you. With social media and the huge variety of blogging website it’s never been easier to get your websites out there.

Not only should you want to dominate the top spot on Google, but also the rest of the page (or at least the top few positions). The websites that will enable you to do this is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BlogSpot and so many more. WordPress is a newer type of blogging software which is very good for SEO and easy to use. Creating blogs enables you to do many things such as link build, generate incoming traffic, build up your customer communication and much more.

Websites over time gain a search engines trust and begin to become more reputable the way social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others have been doing they tend to rank well in search results. Any social networking sites that make public profiles available to search engines are worth signing up for.

Search Engines also will show video thumbnails and images within their results, which usually generates a lot of traffic. YouTube is generally the most popular for doing this.

All these pages with your name or brand could end up in front of your competition on Google giving you the edge to win over your potential clients.

To gain good results from this though you'll obviously have to put some effort into it, its not just about creating profiles and leaving them blank. Search Engines can usually tell whether these site pages have any activity and will ignore it if it's not active. And anyway dead pages don't look good to anyone, potential clients will see it as unprofessional and Google will see it as nothing.

The more buzz there is around your pages the more important it will appear to Google, therefore giving it a better shot of ranking well in search results.

This can seem like quite a daunting job to create all the profile and maintaining them but it really isn’t about quantity, it's about quality. Three managed and relevant accounts will perform better than twenty unmanaged accounts.

By Luke Stanley

SEO Consultant