How do I improve the articles on my website?

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How do I improve the articles on my website?


Many Estate Agents engaged in press release optimisation are giving their Estate Agent website a much needed boost to their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) whilst also providing vital information to their local buyers and vendors interested in property.

For those Estate Agents who are unsure about ‘press release optimisation’, it is the process of writing articles so that you appear higher in Google. Keywords are added, the frequency of their appearance (keyword density) is calculated, titles are considered and carefully constructed, out but this is only half the story.

OK your readership may not be that of the local paper, but it gives the local an Estate Agent a voice. A voice to give your view on the industry you experience day in and day out with a chance to reach out to your existing and potential customers.


In SEO terms, estate agents need to think about the types of articles that people will want to link to from their website. The more links your article gets, the more of an authority Google will give to that article. Generate enough links to get Google’s attention and when people type in a property question, such as ‘What is the best course of action with property boarder disputes?’ your website could pop-up.

Individual identity

Think about what your buyers and vendors want to read and try to integrate that with your brand identity. Do you cater for young, urban professionals? Think about their needs and adopt a writing style that suits them.


Of course catering for your target audience is important, but also try to keep your content fresh and varied as possible. Just like food, stale content smells and the gag reflex will be symbolised in a high bounce rate.

Thinking about varying your Estate Agency content will give you an opportunity to add something new and will make your Estate Agent website stand out against your competitors.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant