How Chartered Surveyors can increase website traffic with Facebook

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How Chartered Surveyors can increase website traffic with Facebook


Social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook could be a great source of traffic to your company’s website. Yet despite being a very ‘social’ sector, chartered surveyors and commercials agents have been very slow embrace social media. The most forward thinking in the commercial sector will probably be on LinkedIn, but only the big players likes Knight Frank, Jones Laing LaSalle and Savills seem to be using Facebook.

However, Facebook has the potential to be a great source of leads for B2B companies like commercial property agents. Here are a few quick tips:

Link To Your Website

It's the most obvious point considering the title of this piece, but many forget. Posts should act as intro’s to the main article which is on your website. The website page that they then land on needs to be relevant to that social media post and you should ideally look at making it simple for them to contact you, ask a question or register their details.

Make It Visual

Facebook’s new ‘Timeline’ format is all about visual communication. A picture will catch the readers’ eye. If it is interesting and relevant to what you want to say, they will read on. Try to include some sort of image with as many of your social media posts as possible. And if you are presenting figures, try to do it in a more visual style, like via an infographic.

Let Your Personality Shine

As a more relaxed environment, Facebook allows you to establish a personality for you and your business. This can be the basis of a powerful connection. Don’t just promote your company, give advice, ask questions and get into conversation with people. With social media you should give more than you take.

Keep It Short

Make your posts, short and punchy. Write titles that are succinct and chime with your audience. The link through to your website can build on the detail. Also don’t be tempted to auto-publish what you’re saying on Twitter (I know, a Chartered Surveyor with a Twitter account…as if!). Facebook doesn’t restrict you to 140-chacters like Twitter and you loose the option of including images and video.


Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant