Hot off the press: Unique Lettings new website

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Hot off the press: Unique Lettings new website


Today, Unique Lettings has unveiled their beautiful new website designed by Resource Techniques.

Trevor Dale, Managing Director of Unique Lettings had this to say What a fantastic job from initial contact through to completion. The website I feel represents our business accurately and how we would wish to be perceived in the market place.

A big thank you to Dean for his consultative approach, to Tanya and to Trudie for their endless support without complaint.

In summary you guys have obviously worked hard and delivered far beyond our expectations. I wish your business continued success.”

Here at Resource Techniques we pride ourselves in delivering the most modern and aesthetically pleasing Estate Agency websites around, and we believe this is one of our best websites yet.

Why not check out Unique Lettings new website, and let us know what you think on our Facebook wall.