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Hands free camcorder


Estate Agents, every now and then you come across a gadget and just wonder: ‘How would this help Estate Agents?’ Confused, I delved deeper to find out more…

Looxcie is a hands-free camcorder that fits snugly on your ear so whatever the user sees the camera records - letting Estate Agents record videos whilst on the go.

This is all very good if you’re the type of Estate Agent that enjoys extreme sports (and I know that there are quite a few of you out there!) but what about using it for every day viewings?

Surely tired arms can cope with a camcorder or an advanced iPhone?

Moving further on into the Looxcie website, it becomes clear that this hands free phone has more functionality than is just on the surface.

It connects directly to most android smart phones (iPhone currently being developed) which means that Estate Agents can use it as a headset, edit videos, email videos and share videos straight to your social networks. This is where the Looxcie comes into its own.

Estate Agents will be able to give seemly ‘live’ viewings or tours around a house and then share it directly to your varied social networks at a touch of a button.

Although I admit that this won’t be for every Estate Agent, this is again using technology to think outside the box. Becoming the local Estate Agent that broadcasts their properties seemly live onto social networks could set you apart from other local competitors.

Privacy did spring to mind clearly Estate Agents would need to get permission from the owners, but then what is the difference between a hands free camcorder and an internal video hosted on an Estate Agent website?

James Coyne – eMarketing and social media Consultant