Green is the colour of time

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Green is the colour of time


Every Estate Agent is bound by the shackles of time.

Meetings, valuations and waking up in the morning – we all need some sort of time piece that lets us ‘watch’ time.

This month Casio have released a watch that not only keeps track of time, will go with your white iPhone, but is also kind to mother Earth.

These new solar powered watches run purely on sunlight, which can nicely alongside your solar powered keyboard.

As with most, if not all Casio watches, it is shock and water resistant up to 100 meters as well as having an alarm clock, count down timer, power saving function and a power indicator – just in case you’ve been sitting in the office too long.

Don’t forget that the ‘G-Shock’ range is marketed as the world’s toughest watch so any tiny knocks and bumps won’t have Estate Agents running to your nearest watchmaker.

The watch is a limited addition and will be around £60-70.