Google TV – The importance of SEO for Estate Agents

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Google TV – The importance of SEO for Estate Agents

As you may have heard, Google have now unveiled that Google TV that is to be launched later on this year.

So now is obviously the time to act to get ahead of the curve and start optimising for the big screen. Search is a huge factor for Google’s service and no doubt they will be bringing their expertise in search to the big screen.

What if Google TV does take off? What does this mean for Search Engine Optimisation? Here are a few tips to start thinking about:

  • Start making videos and then start optimising your video content. This isn’t just the content itself, what I mean is in terms of quality. Make sure your videos are visible in the Google and YouTube results pages and make sure the videos are interesting and visually pleasing.
  • YouTube videos don’t necessarily have to be in high definition at the moment but once the Google TV comes out more and more people will start thinking it’s a necessity for videos to be in HD.
  • Make sure your website looks good on the big screen. High resolution images, bold colours and clear layouts are going to be more important then ever.
  • Start thinking about if you want to advertise using Google TV, similar to pay-per-click campaigns on Google at the moment, Google will be giving you the chance to advertise your business on Google TV. For more information on Google TV Ads click here.

With search being made easier then ever to access there will soon be a lot more searching on Google. Think about how many people watch their TV’s and with Google search being at their finger tips how much more will it be used. If you think Google has a huge share of the search market now, imagine how much more searches will be performed with Google being easily accessible through your TV.

With this news of Google TV having only been released last week, no one can be sure of how it is going to effect search and the industry. But here at Resource Techniques we think it has huge potential to take off.

By Luke Stanley

SEO Consultant