Google to launch a free cloud storage system

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Google to launch a free cloud storage system

Google is in the process of launching an online storage system that will store large files in the cloud instead of on your desktop hard drives.

Google will be challenging the already popular cloud storage system Dropbox which was recently valued at $4 billion.

Reports have said Google’s storage system will be called “Drive” and will be free for all Google Account holders.

Anything from videos and music to documents will be able to be stored in Google’s data centre instead of clogging up your hard drive.
Like Dropbox, Google’s Drive will be free but users storing large amounts of data will have to pay an extra fee.

Google Documents an existing product of Google already allows users to store 1 Gb of files online.

Google have mentioned about launching a ‘G Drive’ in the past but have been very quiet on the subject in recent months.

This type of service has become very popular as people are increasingly using computers on the go. With these cloud storage systems users can access their files from anywhere via apps or web browsers.

But are Google too late with releasing this sort of product? With Apple already offering the iCloud, which stores music, books, films and apps and Microsoft Office365 with a similar paid service, we think Google could struggle to break into this market.

This being said Google’s ‘G Drive’ is more likely to be a simple cloud storage system like Dropbox, which will allow users to store anything, anywhere but will loyal fans drop Dropbox?

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