Google self-drive cars get Nevada road-legal licence

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Google self-drive cars get Nevada road-legal licence

Google self-drive car has received its first test licence in Nevada. Nevada will be the first place in the world where it is legal to drive Google’s self-driving car on public roads.

Even though the car is able to drive itself it is legally required to have at least two people sitting inside at all times.

The car is very impressive and is able to control the accelerator, brakes and steering using visual indicators, AI software, GPS and a range of sensors surrounding the car.

The cars have done over 200,000 miles of testing on private tracks since they began in 2010 proving its capability to Nevada.

And it’s not only Nevada that’s embracing the autopilot car, several other states including California and Florida are preparing to legalise the car.

Although sadly no reports have been given suggesting when these self-driving cars will make their way to the UK but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long...