Google Search update for iPad

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Google Search update for iPad

Google have announced that they have updated their Google Search App for the iPad with a new set of features and I must say I’m very impressed.

You are able to download the app for free here.

The new features are:

  • Google Instant Enables Results as You Type
  • Web Page Loading On Slide-In Pane
  • Image Search now includes Image Carousel
  • Visual Search History Browsing With Swipe Controls of Page Snapshots
  • Instant Previews when searching
  • Search within a Web Page with Magnifying Glass Tool
  • +1 Button Integration on Web Pages

Here are some screenshots of Google Search Apps latest features:
The web page loads on a slide-in pane allowing you to quickly manoeuvre from website to previous results. This is great for quick searching allowing you to go back and forth without waiting for pages to load up.
The +1 button is now integrated on the web pages, it’s located at the top right of the page on the tab.  

You are also able to keep the website on screen well still searching.

This is the new instant previews which allow you to search through the pages with a preview of their homepage with a description.

Image Search now includes Image Carousel; this allows you to search through images by swiping left and right.