Google ranks down Chrome

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Google ranks down Chrome

Go to Google and search for “Browser”, what’s missing?

Google Chrome no longer appears on the organic search results for the term “Browser” after Google applied a penalty against Google Chromes homepage because of Google’s own sponsored post campaign.

Google has said that even though it felt there were no remaining violations of its guidelines, the search engines spam team would reduce the PageRank value of This will result in the decrease in rankings.

Google have said that they are investigating and taking manual actions to demote Google Chromes homepage and lower the sites PageRank for a period of at least 60 days.

As we already know Google are strict with their Webmaster Guidelines as to provide better search for its users, even if that means penalising its own products.

With that in mind, Google Chrome now has to rely on sponsored links to appear on page one for the term “Browser”.

Estate agents should always be wary of their online campaigns as it could result in similar penalisations if Google catch up with you.