Google Plus for local businesses

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Google Plus for local businesses

Local search was a big part of Google in 2012 and will continue to be in 2013. Local SEO has become more relevant for Estate and Letting Agents, as Google will automatically display locally optimised websites higher. General SEO still plays a huge part but local has a bigger impact on particular searches.

For example, if you search for “Letting Agents in York” it will not only display Letting Agents in and around York but Letting Agents will show up in the local listing pages too. You will see this when you search for services that are based in a specific area like plumbers and electricians as well as Estate and Letting Agents as Google understands that most users will only be looking for local businesses.

Google Plus

Google Plus is Google’s answer to finding trustworthy local businesses by having users post comments and like sites and articles by using the +1 button as well as enabling you to post updates, share information.  

In 2012, Google merged Google Places and Google Plus together, allowing users to see local listing with reviews and other information displayed. It also gives users quick access to local amenities by using Google Plus.

Changes for local business owners

Google Plus now has some affect in how websites are displayed in the Search Engine results page. These pages won’t only be displayed in the local section but on Google’s organic results page in a prominent position.

What you need to check:

You need to check that all your information is correct, that you are displaying your business in the best light with good quality images and also make sure the marker on the map is correct as you don’t want to be sending people to a competitor down the road.

Try to get clients to leave reviews on your business page as this will be visible for everyone to see and can be a great selling point to showcase your services.

Think how you want to be viewed by the public, Google Plus offers a lot more engagement with your customers so you should take advantage of this. Engaging with your customers and respond to feedback will help your visibility through Google.

Using these social channels will give you a personal touch and possibly a few more leads every month.