Google names the top one thousand websites

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Google names the top one thousand websites


Estate Agents, yes what you have just seen is correct - Google have just announced a list of the top 1000 websites visited on the internet.

The data gives people a gasp on the sheer size of the internet, how many websites are out there and the incredible amount of traffic associated with top 1000.

Not surprisingly the top website listed by Google is Facebook. Recent statistics has shown that the UK public spend 23% of their time on social networks stating that ‘One in every four minutes are spent on social networks.’

In one month Facebook received 540 million unique visitors, which is 4.9 times as many people as the Microsoft search engine Bing with 110 million unique visitors.

Many Estate Agents might be surprised to find out that the top property website wasn’t Rightmove, or Zillow – it was, a Chinese website with more text than the New York Public Library.

The website design team at Resource Techniques used the Google Toolbar to translate the website and gawp at the sheer size of the homepage. Many commented that although the website was full of text, there is too much information on the web page for a person to process.

American property portals and were placed at 786th and 934th respectively and no UK property portal or Estate Agent website breached the top 1000.