Google interviewed - the latest word on the UK property portal

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Google interviewed - the latest word on the UK property portal

In a previous article, Google improved Google maps for Estate Agents in Australia and it is no wonder that the inclusion of property listings on Google Maps is on every modern Estate Agent's lips. We all want to know Google’s stance and exactly when and how Google will decide to enter the property listings market.

In an interview with Property Drum, Ben Wood, Head of Property at Google UK, gave Estate Agents an only a slight hint of what is to come.

Ben stated that "I think that the vast majority of people in the UK will never want to sell their home directly, without using an Estate Agent."

Ben also stated, "Google will not be making any attempt to wipe out Estate Agents or the property portals that they use".

Estate Agents are starting to become more excited with the announcement that Ben will be speaking at the Property Professional Show. Few have speculated that Ben might reveal more on Google's position.

Will this be the year for UK Google to introduce property listings on Google Maps? Will Estate Agents have to compete for placements against property portals? Only time will tell.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques commented, 'This is certainly a diplomatic answer. Google are keeping their cards close to their chest and do not want to make too many waves as they enter the online property market.'