Google Instant Pages: Making search faster!

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Google Instant Pages: Making search faster!


Google have announced a new feature - Google Instant Pages. This feature enables users to get to their search results even faster and is only available on Chrome (giving you another reason to start using Chrome).

Instant Pages help people arrive at your website faster

When you search on Chrome, it begins preloading the search results, but only the pages that Google is confident that you are looking for. Once you’ve clicked the desired result the page, it will load instantly (due to the fact it has already be preloaded).

This means users will be able to interact with your website instantly without having to wait for images and content to load up.

How fast is Google Instant pages compared to normal search?

The ‘Google Instant Pages’ page load speed is pretty much exactly how it sounds... Instant. Once you click you have to wait 0.0seconds for the page to load.

Now normal search obviously depends on the speed of the website but generally takes a couple of seconds to fully load.

How could this effect SEO for Estate Agents

It doesn’t affect your website rank at all, though it does give you a new goal to strive for - to make your website the most relevant for your chosen Search Term.

Google Instant Pages won’t preload every website on the results pages, only the ones that Google are confident that will be clicked on first by the users, meaning the websites that are most relevant and highest ranking will be preloaded.

Google are obviously really obsessed with speed, showing us that speed will continue to be a big factor in Google’s algorithm.

By Luke Stanley
SEO Consultant