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Google+ for Estate Agents


I am more than aware how early it is to write about Google+ for Estate Agents as it was only last Friday that we wrote an exclusive look at Google+, but taking a quote out from Steve Jobs’ book, ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’.

So ‘to take the bull by the horns’ so to speak, this is a preliminary strategy that Estate Agents can consider when they sign up to Google+. Of course has not been tested, it is up to Estate Agents to use their common sense and consider the implications of my suggestions.

The first thing staring me in the face is Google+’s unique ‘Circles’. As mentioned in the previous article, this is designed to put every contact into a neat little box, depending how you know them.

Originally there are 4 main circles (Friends, Family, Acquaintances and following) and agents can not only add new circles, but they can completely customise its name, the description, what people go in them and search people within that circle.

What does this mean? This means that Estate Agents using Google+ can customise their messages for mass distribution.

Now I’m not suggesting that this is a tool for agents to spam people with property after property until recipients hit the block button. Not at all. I’m simply suggesting that Google+’s structure allows agents to customise and mass distribute types of properties that buyers are already looking for.

Of course Estate Agents don’t just have to rely on the circles that they have created. If a particular property would suit only a handful of people, they can tag the exact person or people that the property would suit.

Remember – engage, don’t spam.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant