Google finally uses website speed in its SEO

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Google finally uses website speed in its SEO

Previously we wrote an article on Google considering using website speed and Estate Agents that are interested in online marketing and Estate Agent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be very interested to know that Google have now implemented website speed in their search engine ranking. This SEO change will affect every single Estate Agency that has a website.

Website speed, for those that are unsure, is the time a website takes to load.

Research studies have shown that property searchers accessing a website designed for speed will spend longer on an Estate Agent's website. Whereas slow websites heavily laden with flash and badly designed will only frustrate users and lower their overall web experience.

Estate Agents need to know that website speed will not be a major SEO factor affecting their website, rather it will be an indicator for the overall SEO picture.

The only exception to this is that if an Estate Agent’s website speed is slow enough that Google will flag the website as inappropriate for use.

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