Google Drive goes live

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Google Drive goes live

Google Drive has gone live and the online cloud storage system is starting with 5GBs of storage for free. This is where Google wants you to store your files so you can share them with colleagues and friends even large files that normally too big to send by email.

Check out the Google Drive Video here to see what’s new!

With the new launch of Google Drive, we thought it would be a good chance to go through the top 4 cloud storage systems....

Which online storage system is the best?

1. Dropbox

Free storage:  2GB

Dropbox is the best functioning cloud storage system we’ve seen, although the initial free storage is only 2GB. This may make it harder for Dropbox to be able to compete with the new Google Drive.


2. Google Drive

Free storage: 5GB

While its predecessor Google Docs only allowed a 1GB storage system, the new Google Drive cloud storage system gives you 5GB of free space. The cloud based system is hugely reliable, easy to use and great for collaborating.  


3. Sky Drive

Free storage: 7GB

Microsoft’s Sky Drive like Google offers you online editing tools and works with PC’s, Mac’s and mobiles. With more storage than the new Google Drive, you would think it was a clear winner but annoyingly it doesn’t support Android apps. Sky Drive is a clear choice for windows mobile phone users though.


4. Apple iCloud

Free storage: 5GB

If you’re an Apple fan with all the devices the iCloud is for you. The seamless cloud experience is already installed on all the devices, is beautiful, fast and smooth but doesn’t work outside of Apple.