Google Chrome beats IE for the first time ever

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Google Chrome beats IE for the first time ever

Since 1999, Internet Explorer has been the most popular browser but for one day last week Chrome took the top spot.

While it is only one day, this is still a pretty big deal for the decline in Internet Explorer users.

The rise in Chrome users appears to come from the surge at the weekends, when home users choose Google’s browser over Microsoft. However during the week, when a huge amount of web browsing is from business machines, Explorer rises.

Chrome 15 is already the most popular web browser in the UK but the combined browser versions of IE dominate with 39% of the market compared to the 27.5% that Chrome controls.

Firefox has always been expected to take the crown from Internet Explorer but recent versions have been slow and bloated allow Chrome to get in front. 

Although this is great news for Chrome, they still face a long battle to unseat its main rivals IE and Firefox in many regions. Chrome remains 2nd place in the U.K, China, the U.S and Germany.

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