Google announce release date for new mobile-friendliness ranking signal

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Google announce release date for new mobile-friendliness ranking signal

Every estate agent should strive to achieve high ranking results on Google. As you are probably aware, Google is preparing to launch a major algorithm change that will give mobile-friendly websites a boost in rankings.

Google has now announced that this algorithm change will “significantly impact” the search results in all languages worldwide and surprisingly they have also announced when this algorithm update will take effect…

April 21st 2015

This signal will be just one of the many signals that Google takes into account when ranking content, however this mobile-friendly signal will be a major one.

This algorithm change has been put in place to help users find more relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices quickly and easily.

Google search will also now start displaying and ranking content from mobile apps to better serve users.

So what do estate agents need to do to take advantage of this new algorithm update?

The mobile-friendliness ranking signal

With more and more people viewing websites on a mobile device, Google wants to make it easier for them to find mobile-friendly websites. Due to this Google will now use a mobile-friendliness ranking signal to give those websites that are mobile-friendly a boost in Google’s search results to ensure Google searchers can find them easier.

Here is Google’s advice on how to make your website mobile-friendly:

1. Google has a guide to mobile-friendly sites, this shows you how to make your website more mobile-friendly.

2. Google suggests you take the Mobile-Friendly Test to see if the website is mobile-friendly. This test shows you exactly how Google's own Googlebot views your website.

This doesn’t test to see if your website is fully mobile-optimised so it is worth testing all of the main webpages on your website. Bear in mind, most estate agent mobile websites aren’t fully mobile optimised.

3. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to generate a Mobile Usability Report, this will help you to identify any issues with your website when viewed on a mobile device.

You now have less than two months to make sure your website is ready before this update is released. Once the new mobile-friendliness signal is rolled out, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly it is likely that your SEO will suffer.

Are you mobile ready? 

Luke Stanley