Get your social media megaphone

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Get your social media megaphone


In a previous article, James Coyne of Resource Techniques commented on a mistake that cost an Estate Agent to lose many followers. In this article we consider what makes Estate Agents that stand out of the crowd on Twitter.

Many business owners, including other Estate Agents ask, ‘how do they do it?’ What makes their people notice them and their tweets different from the sheer amount of noise on Twitter?

For starters, Estate Agents need to think about how they present themselves and their brand on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

    • Language

Consider the type of language that you will use and how your audience will react to it. Try to use language in which your audience will relate to. If you truly believe your audience ‘talks lik dis’, well then ‘talk lik dis’.

    • Unique

Easily said than done, but Estate Agents must try to not be just another Estate Agent. Embrace the uniqueness of your brand and let property searchers see it and try to be authentic with it or people will easily see through it.

    • Engage

Always remember that Twitter is not about sales. Twitter is about communicating with people and engaging with them. Estate Agents promote only their services by establishing themselves as the expert in their area.

    • Sharing

Sharing is the currency of social networking. It shows that Estate Agents are keeping up to date with the latest information on their industry as well as being able to provide their followers with information that they want to read.

    • Present

There is a fine line between overbearing people with tweets and tweeting regularly. Estate Agents must tweet enough to let their presence known but not so much that people get sick.

    • Responsive

If you message someone, you’d expect a response back. Estate Agents must therefore behave how they’d wish other people to behave.

    • Helpful

Everyone needs help at some point in their life – it is part of being human. Without being a goody two-shoes or having a ‘better than thou’ attitude, Estate Agents must do their best to help others. This may even come in a simple form of a question.

Troy Stanley comments, ‘Most of these points are common sense.

‘If I’m honest, a common misconception is for Estate Agents to treat social networks as another advertising platform. Remember to use the 20:80% rule and only promote your services 20% of the time.’ – Troy Stanley.