Gadgets for jetsetters

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Gadgets for jetsetters

Although we’ve had a short spell of good weather, summer is not officially here. To brighten up your spirits many people will have booked or looking to book a holiday in the sun.
Everyone deserves a holiday every now and then, especially Estate Agents. It is a time to unwind, de-stress and detox from all that caffeine (it’s probably fair to say that most people won’t stay off the alcohol).

We have therefore compiled a list of the 2011 travel gadgets for globetrotters.

Sennheiser CX980i headphones

Now days it is impossible to take a flight without a crying baby on an aeroplane. You would have thought that by now we would have invented an ethical baby-silencer. Whilst we wait for that, we can buy noise-cancelling headphones.

The CX980i by Sennheiser is more than just a set of headphones. Using cutting edge technology it is able to cancel out background noise whilst the built in microphone and ‘smart remote’ allows the user to speak and control without having to remove the headphones.

The CX980i is compatible with the latest iPhones (3GS and 4), iPods, iPads and MacBooks.

For the price of £149.99 it will be worth every penny. If that price puts you off, the earlier ranges go for a third of the price.

Digital Luggage Scales

Instead of weighing the heaviest boarding item (the passenger), budget airlines insist on charging us extortionate prices for the weight of our luggage. Even going slightly over the weight limit will cost the travelling Estate Agent an arm and a leg (whereas some charge for any luggage that isn’t carryon).

It is then in the traveller’s best interests to weigh their luggage and not be caught out by any last minute costs.

Enter the Digital Luggage Scales.

Not the newest invention when it comes to air travel, but it is one of those items that is so easy to use, yet so easy to forget. From as little as £6 on Google Shopping Search, Estate Agents will definitely get their money’s worth.

Of course, Estate Agents can always weigh themselves on a set of scales and then weigh themselves with their luggage then work out the difference – then again, you do have to acknowledge your pre-holiday weight.

Deeper Sleeper Travel Pillow Headrest

Unfortunately I am not one of those people that can easily sleep on planes, and if I do eventually drift off to sleep, I not only end up leaning on the person next to me, I dribble all over them as well.

Therefore I now tend to go for tea and coffee instead of drinking my way into an alcohol induced comatose state of sleep.

All this pain will now change with the invention of the Deeper Sleeper Travel Pillow.

With two parts the slide into each other, the headrest slots on top of your seat stopping your weary head to slide onto the person next to you.

Priced at £24.99 from Amazon, this gadget will be the perfect for any long haul flight.