Gadget of the week – the mouse

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Gadget of the week – the mouse

Previously we’ve covered keyboards, now it is time to have a look at the computer mouse. The mouse has been around since of the dawn of the GUI (Graphical User Interface). As many Estate Agents will remember, and probably still play today, some of the first games on Windows were Minesweeper and Solitaire – all relying heavily on the mouse.

Estate Agents will be pleased to hear that we have collected a range of classic, weird and wonderful mice available worldwide.

Classic Mouse – roller ball

The Ball mouse was invented in 1972 was commercially used until the first optical mouse released in 2001 (only 9 years ago!). Ever since then office users have never looked back. The ball mouse not only lacked sensitivity but it also got stuck and no one ever cleaned their balls.

Of course the next step up from here was to go wireless which also has its downfalls. Wireless mice clearly need a power source and Estate Agents will be forever changing the batteries costing them, and the earth.

Since then, entrepreneurs have introduced a variety of novelty gadgets for the bored, geeky and sad.

The Gun mouse – point and shoot

An awkward novelty for gamers, the gun mouse is designed for either point and shoot games or ‘a little fun for the office’.

The trigger is the left button whilst the right button is situated on the handle, below the trigger.

Not exactly a professional look for Estate Agents.

Car Mouse

Add a little horse power to your desk and get the USB car mouse.

This mouse looks exactly like a car except for one fatal flaw – there is a massive tire sticking out the bonnet. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that I have never see this in my life.

Criticising out the way, the USB car does do its job whilst kind of looking like a car.

Cyborg R.A.T gaming mouse

This has to be the ultimate gaming mouse and looks like something John Connor would fight against.

Astonishingly this mouse is adjustable to any hand size making it possibly the most ergonomic mouse and customisable mouse ever made.

It can also add or take away weight, a button to lower mouse sensitivity, 5 programmable buttons as well three individual modes to change the mouse’s behaviour.

Classic Mouse – roller ball

The colossal giant that is Microsoft last month has released a mouse that is unlike any that we have seen before.

Knowing that people are on the move and still want to have the functionality of a mouse, they have invented a mouse that people can bend to suit the needs of the user.

This bendy mouse also has a touch-strip which allows the user to easily scroll without having the bulky nature of a rollerball.

Finished using the mouse? Estate Agents can the flatten it out and place it nicely inside a pocket or a sleeve inside their laptop bag.