Gadget of the week – the automatic window cleaner

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Gadget of the week – the automatic window cleaner


At first we had the Roomba® an automated cleaning robot that cleans three rooms of both hard and carpets floors with a single charge. Now the clever people at PIRO (South Korea’s Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics) have traversed the walls to create a robot that will make your windows crystal clear.

The Windoro uses magnets to hold itself onto a window up to an inch thick and slide from one side of the window to the other. Once at the end it then slightly increases or decreases its height with every sweep.

Perfect, right? Well there are three downsides to this technology. Firstly it only cleans one side of the glass at a time meaning that every window will have to be done twice. Secondly since it uses magnets, it needs to be placed together meaning that some windows will need two people – not the worst downside. Lastly it has been reported that the Windoro can be a little loud.

Unveiled last September, the Windoro is expected to be on sale at the beginning of this year. Estate Agents will have to wait and see, but I’m sure that the prototype noise issue would have been addressed.

Check out the video of Windoro here.

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