Gadget of the week - Smarten up your smart phone

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Gadget of the week - Smarten up your smart phone

Resource Techniques News - Smart PhoneIncreasing number of Estate Agents has chosen their ideal smart phone and never looked back, but one thing has stuck out like a sore thumb. After endlessly downloading, deleting and exchanging apps, the web design team have pondered the best ways to clean up your mobile - on their lunch break of course.

After a lengthy and possibly pointless debate, the web designers came up with three simple steps that'll make your mobile phone more organised than a German marching band.

  • Scrub - Do not be afraid to delete all those pointless apps. One such frivolous designer still had a free 'Countdown to Christmas' app on their phone, which had not been touched since he checked to see if it had reset after December 26th - it had.
  • Fiddle - Give your poor fingers a break and move that beloved app from the 5th page onto the first page. Rearranging means that you won’t spend those precious seconds scrolling towards your most used apps.
  • Sort - After moving your most used apps to the front page, Estate Agents should then order the remaining pages into various categories. This saves you time and effort learning your now rearranged smart phone.

Troy Stanley, Resource Techniques CTO comments, 'An Estate Agent's time is precious and spring cleaning your smart phone could save you those valuable minutes.'