Gadget of the week – pretend you’re on the grid

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Gadget of the week – pretend you’re on the grid


Estate Agents, are you a fan of geeky gadgets and the movie Tron? Well soon you can light up your office or your home (if your partner lets you!) with your very own Tron Disc.

Lit with bioluminescent polymers, Estate Agents can now pretend that the virtual world of Tron is literally at their fingertips.

We do not recommend buying two lamps and throwing them at each other, but Estate Agents can rotate the discs to change the intensity of the light by rotating the disc – a small compromise.

Unfortunately we have bad news. Although this satisfies almost every 80s geek, it is still in a concept stage and not yet available to buy. On the bright side though, such an object is bound to generate enough demand to bring it into production.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant