Gadget of the week - Ergonomic chairs

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Gadget of the week - Ergonomic chairs


Office Ergonomics often takes a 'back seat' so to speak, and many do not realise that their office chair could be ruining their back. For five days a week Estate Agents and office workers are slumped at their desk putting needless pressure on their spine. Remember that we have evolved to stand up straight, not slouching over a desk.

Think about how you're sitting now, Estate Agents are you slumped at your desk or are you 'posture perfect'? And now you are thinking about it, have you changed position?

Research has shown that nearly half of people will experience back pain at some time in their lives and with Estate Agents working harder and doing even greater office hours than ever before, this could be set to rise.

So for the sake of your back now may be a good time to invest in an office chair that'll make you straighter than a Roman motorway.

  • SitFit - On a budget? The SitFit is priced at £22.45 and is a 'sitting aid'. It is an air filled cushion that acts as a wobble cushion to exercises the back, abdominal, lateral stabilisers and pelvic floor muscles. It even comes with an exercise poster - to make all your colleagues jealous.
  • Girsberger Trilax 2 - Feel like splashing out? The German built Girsberger Trilax 2 is the most expensive chair the web design team at Resource Techniques could find. At £2,503.93 and £20 delivery, this could be your Christmas and birthday presents for the next 5 years.
  • Ergohuman Plus® mesh office chair - Fusing art and science the Ergohuman mesh chair not only looks cool but it has 8 different adjustments to hopefully make you sit-up and take notice of your posture. Around six times less than the Girsberger Trilax 2, this mesh office chair is priced around £400.
  • Panther Executive Chair - Apparently suitable for 24 hour use, the Panther Executive Chair has a cushioned leather seat for ‘maximum comfort’. It comes with a 5 year guarantee and while priced at £194 Estate Agents will only end up spending just under £40 a year.

Estate Agents, have you thought about the types of seating your customers will sit on? Does it provide comfort and style while supporting your brand image? Why not have a look at elegant and versatile ‘Jive’ chair by From the website the chair looks like it could almost guaranteed make any property searcher or potential vendor comfortable in an Estate Agent’s office.