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Nowadays, both estate agents and internet users demand more from a website. They want a property website to have a user friendly experience that is update in internet website trends, quality imagery with rich context that can keep users coming back again and again.

Not only do that, but property websites have to perform well in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is needed so that your website will appear on the top of search engines. For example, if someone types 'Estate Agent in Brighton' they will most likely click on the one of the first links given to them at the top of the page. Performing SEO on your property website gives you the maximum amount of traffic without having to pay for expensive online advertisement.

Do you feel that your property website does little for your estate agency? Well help is at hand. Resource techniques will provide you with a FREE website review service from our 20 years of experience in property websites. In the FREE website review, we provide:

  • SEO Review
  • Functionality Review
  • Design and usability Review

There's no point in having a fancy website if no one goes on it or a website that has a lot of traffic but looks like it's from the 1990s. This report will help you expertly see exactly how your website is positioned and will suggest easy solutions for all levels of technical ability.

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