Free web review for estate agents by an estate agent website design company - Resource Techniques

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Free web review for estate agents by an estate agent website design company - Resource Techniques


In conjunction with our latest campaign '3 seconds 2 impress', Resource Techniques has been providing estate agents with a free, no obligations web review. Over 50 web reviews have now been completed and every single estate agent has benefitted from our expert view. The web review, which is tailored towards each individual website, covers 3 main areas; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance, Functionality review, and a Design and Usability review.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques commented in July, 'putting our money where our mouth is we are offering a totally FREE (without obligation) website review, this review will look at your existing website from both a design and function point of view as well as how well it performs in terms of SEO, pointing out where appropriate where the site could be improved and, being honest, where a website designed and built by Resource Techniques would outperform their existing site, and it's totally FREE.'

Now, Troy Stanley has noted, 'The web reviews have helped estate agents enormously. They [estate agents] have been able to see their own websites from the eyes of a third party IT specialist. Back in our article 'Resource Techniques' conclusion from our free website review for estate agents' we mentioned that there are generally one of two types of websites. One has good SEO and bad functionality and the other has good functionality but bad SEO.'

Troy Stanley continues, 'Estate agents can have the best website in the world but unless they are found in Google, there's no point in having it. What we do is provide a facility so that estate agents can see what position that they are in Google without them having to crawl through hundreds of search pages.'

'The web review will be able to point out the weak points that need improvement as well as parts of your website that are excelling. What’s important is that estate agents are able to see beyond the interface and see their own website from the eyes of an IT specialist company with over 20 years experience.' - Troy Stanley

Do you feel that your estate agent website isn't performing as well as it could be? Resource Techniques is an IT specialist with over 20 years of experience. We provide web design for estate agents, SEO for estate agents, SEO services, web sites for estate agents and software for estate agents. Contact us on our Twitter page, Facebook page or on our contact us page.