Four warning lights for a new website design

| Web design

Estate Agent website design is like any other website design. There comes a time when a website needs to freshen-up or redesign to reflect modern business practices.

To make sure that your Estate Agent website doesn’t need a revamp. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Does your site feel fresh?

Take some time to access your own website and then your competitor’s websites. How does your website compare against your competitors? Does it feel as fresh since the first day was released?

• Are there any barriers

Once on your website, pretend that you are a buyer and make sure that everything is in working order (no errors etc.). Not only should you check out the functionality on your competitor’s websites as well but think whether, as a vendor, would you want to sell your own house on this website?

• Does your website cater for its users?

One of the biggest mistakes when designing a website is that personal choice of aesthetics overtakes priority to make a website with a rich user experience that people actually want to use.

• Do you have the latest technology

Think about the benchmark of Estate Agent websites. Does your website fit modern property searcher’s expectations? Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments ‘Estate Agents remember that there is always fill in the form for our free web review.’